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In loving memory ofRosemarie Blackstock

Rosemarie Blackstock

Late of: Lot 200 Orchard Close, 
Melrose Mews, Mandeville died on 
December 23, 2016. Leaving : mother 
Verell, son Shamrock, daughter 
Stephanese, other relatives and 
friends. Thanksgiving service will be 
on Saturday January 21, 2017, at 
Bethesda Gospel Hall, 1A Hanbury 
Road, Mandeville at 11 am. 
Interment in Melrose Cemetery. 
Funeral Directors : Witter & Sons, 
May Pen.

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Are we not grateful to the Creator for his promise to restore our loved ones back to life? The promise was made by Jesus "you will be with me in paradise." In paradise persons will be restored to perfect health, living happy and useful lives.

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Norman Gabay

I am saddened to learn that you’re mourning the loss of your dear love one. However, it saddens our God even more. No doubt, you have many fond memories which will resurface from time to time. Because you do have memories, it certainly shows that A

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Joan B

You have my deepest condolences for your loss. Whatever else the day may bring one thing is always true that God is ever constant in the love he has for you. Psalm34:18

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Lewin C

Mercifully, by means of the resurrection, God has opened up the priceless opportunity for untold multitudes of people who have died to come back from the dead and enjoy eternal life. This means that you can have the heartwarming hope that someday, i

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Please accept my condolences remember that God keeps our loved ones in his memory because the are Presious to him and he will wipe out every tear from there eyes and death will be no more Revelation 21:4.

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Lewin M

Condolences to the friends and family of the late Mr. Blackstock, losing a loved one is a time of pain,grief,and feelings of helplessness that seems unbearable but at this the solution is to turn to God's loving and comforting words for guidance not

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