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In loving memory ofMichelle Foote

Michelle Foote

FOOTE:  Michelle Diana Marie: Died 
suddenly on June 10, 2016 leaving 
parents Angela & Billy, brother Greg, 
niece Abigail, aunts, uncles and 
numerous relatives & friends.
Funeral Service at Stella Maris Roman 
Catholic Church, 62 Shortwood Road 
on Tuesday, July 5,2016 at 11:00am.  
Cheerful colours please.

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Doreen Campbell

Kindly accept of our sympathy

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My heartfelt sympathy goes out to your family at this difficult time. Please find peace in knowing that God understands your grief and that He cares. - 1 Peter 5:6,7. Pleasant memories to you as you look forward to the resurrection of Michelle.

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Joan B

I'm sorry for your lost you have my deepest sympathy
When we lose a child it take a part of us away, but I want to share with you a scripture that give me hope John 5:28,29.

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Doc Ronnie

May you rest in peace sweet lady and angels lead you into your new abode of healing and peace

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My deepest condolences to the family of Michelle. May the God who supplies endurance and comfort, help you and your family though this difficult time.. God's word the Bible gives us all. A wonderful hope for the future. Isaiah 25:8

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Madge Christie

Sincere condolences to the family of Ms. Michelle Foote. It is a sad time right now but here are some comforting words found at Acts 24 :15. It promises a resurrection for our dear loved ones. Thanks to Jehovah the God of True Comfort. He has given u

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Tina Simone

I am just knowing over a year after you left that you are gone! What? Why? I've been in my cave, secluded and disconnected for so long that I didn't even know!!!! Wow!....Sorry I wasn't there to say goodbye..... Fly butterfly

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